Executive Board

North Andover Garden Club Mission
Our mission is to encourage an interest and active
participation in civic beautification, horticulture,
flower arranging, and conservation

Conservation Pledge

I give my pledge as an American to save
and faithfully defend from waste the natural resources of my country - its air, soils, and minerals,
its forests, waters, and wildlife

State Tree - Elm
State Flower - Arbutus
State Bird – Chickadee

NAGC Membership
Members: 36
Associate Members: 8
Honorary Members:  4

 A Letter from Our President
Dear Members,
Welcome to the beginning of another year of exciting activities and programs.
The year 2017 marks the club's 90th anniversary with the Massachusetts Federation of Garden Clubs.  Throughout the years we have celebrated
and remembered our rich history.  We have always found ways of raising funds to provide horticultural knowledge and to work on beautification projects in our community.
Over the years, we have planted trees, implemented and maintained
flower beds throughout the town, helped clean up our parks, worked with young students, introducing them to gardening, decorated town buildings
for the holidays, provided gardening knowledge through our programs, cared for our senior citizens by facilitating garden therapy workshops, donated homegrown vegetables and flowers to charities and, during
World War II, we even canned vegetables to be sent to the hospitals. 
We can be very proud of what we have achieved in the last 90 years!

Thank you for all your engagement, for the work you have done, and for
the amount of time you have devoted to our club.  During my upcoming presidency, I am inviting you to support me with your input, thoughts, suggestions, and advice.  I am committed to focusing my efforts on
enabling all of us to keep up the fun and maintain our great team spirit so that we will add even more achievements and preserve the outstanding values of our club.

I wish all of you another great year and ask you to bring new friends and neighbors to our many varied programs.

With appreciation,

Birgit Blass

In the pamphlet entitled “History of the North Andover Garden Club”, written in 1949 by Kate Hastings Stevens, we see how the early members of the garden club contributed greatly to not only the club’s growth and cohesiveness but also the development of the larger community of North Andover with their creative foresight and personal resourcefulness. 

History of the North Andover Garden Club
Kate Hastings Stevens

A History of the North Andover Garden Club1 would not be complete without a description of the background from which it developed.  The first gardens of old Andover were dooryards enclosed by picket or rail fences.  Their small area was filled with syringe and rose bushes and sweet-smelling flowers such as lavender and peonies.  Usually there were two shade trees, one on either side of the gate.  Of such a garden one catches a glimpse in Miss Bailey’s history of Andover 2, where a photograph of the Phillips Manse (building 1752), taken before the dooryard fence was torn down and the piazza added, is reproduced.  The remodeling of the house was done after the deaths of Miss Caroline and Miss Susan Phillips 3 in 1883.  In 1884 Bishop Brooks became is owner, and H. H. Richardson, architect of Trinity church in Boston, drew plans for the alterations which brought the house more nearly in keeping with current living demands.
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